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          RUGBY in FLORIDA +

          ? Consult www.rugbyfl.com for everything Rugby in Florida? To watch Rugby internationals in Florida,? go to the PUBS page on this website. Then call a pub to ask if they show it—many do!???????? RUGBY?FACT:?? ?THET FIRST INTERNATIONAL?RUGBY?FIXTURE WAS BETWEEN?ENGLAND?AND?SCOTLAND?IN 1871. The English team was composed mainly of Lancastrians—people who live in Lancashire–who adopted their county’s emblem, the red rose. That’s why?England‘s rugby team have the rose on their shirts today. ?Most other sports in?England?use three lions.

          ? ?RUGBY WORLD CUP. See details about the next one on? ?www.rugbyworldcup.com?? ? ?

          ? ??TO WATCH?RUGBY?INTERNATIONALS LIVE ON TV IN?FLORIDA, just phone [NOT Email!!] the British and Irish pubs near you. They are listed on the PUBS page on this website.? Many of them show the matches.? They will know where you should go.?

          ??? MIAMI….The long-established and prominent Miami Tridents Rugby Club has British Players, supporters and a British coach but players are of several nationalities. ?Call British coach Mike Toms [305] 989-5665 or for club events and details or Mike Kress [201] 456 8713.? See www.miamitridentsrugby.com

          ?? ?MIAMI RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB:? Florida’s oldest and most successful team. Want to play rugby in Miami? Contact British Head Coach Bill Clements via email?info@MiamiRugby.com?OR call [786] 239-5912 and ask for partially British general manager Rick Comisky.? [See more Miami clubs below…]?

          ?? ??WESTON [northwest of Miami]. The Okapi Wanderers Rugby Club, established in 2014. This local Weston club has over 250 registered players who love rugby,? from youth (U9 to old boys). They would “love to continue teaching everyone the lovely sport of rugby.”? Some British coaches and players involved.? For info see website ?www.okapiwanderersrugby.com Or call British coach Gavin Mcleary on [305] 340-7113

          ? FT. LAUDERDALE JESTERS TOUCH RUGBY CLUB…….players and supporters welcome. For matches and full details look at
          website? ?www.ft.lauderdaletouchrugby.com

          ? JACKSONVILLE AXEMAN are a major Rugby team which organises year-round events with teams from the UK. ?DETAILS: ?www.jaxaxe.com?? To get involved in any way, contact Spinner Howland?of the Jacksonville Axemen Rugby Club.? Tel. [904] 536-7501? email? spinner@jaxaxe.com?

          ? ?All Florida rugby fans can stay up to date with the USA Rugby League via their website??www.USARL.com

          ??? FT. LAUDERDALE?RUGBY CLUB?established many years.? INFO:??www.ftlrugby.com? ?Call John Murphy on [954] 553-4440 —he knows the entire Rugby scene in Ft. Lauderdale.???Also phone club hotline (954) 351-1075.? WAXY O’CONNORS Irish pub in Ft. Lauderdale [954] 525-9299 always shows the rugby internationals.? Gather there to watch it with fellow rugby fans from all countries.?

          ???FT. MYERS area Rugby fans—-to watch local teams or get involved call fellow Brit and Rugby coach Stewart Campbell on [239] 209-4983?

          ??BOCA?RATON?RUGBY?CLUB? Supporters/spectators wanted!!? Call British president John Devonport? on [561] 870-6836???

          ? ??JACKSONVILLE?area?Rugby?club seeks expatriate rugby players and supporters.? Call [904] 536-7501?

          ??? TALLAHASSEE RUGBY CLUB,? [TRFC]? reformed in 2009.? Over 70 active members and coaching staff now and looking for more,? plus supporters and social members. TRFC competes in Division 3 in the Deep South Rugby Union. ?INFO?call Welshman Huw O’Callaghan on [850] 339-8077

          ???? Orlando Rugby Club,? with some British players and supporters,?is always seeking new members. ? Established in 1970 this club is one of the most successful in?Florida, with past titles in national sevens and winners of the?Florida?cup 2006 & 2007. ??INFO: ?Contact Matt Wise, Director of Youth Rugby at? ?matthewwise@msn.com?or 407-810-7888 or ?Eric Jacovetti at ?ejacovetti@gmail.com. They also provide youth rugby for all ages in Central Florida.?

          ? ? ?RUGBY TEAM for children and youth in Miami with coach from England. ? Learn to play rugby with people from UK, US, France, Argentina and other nations. Miami Rugby Youth Divisions. ? Phone [305] 400-0134 or? email??info@miamirugbykids.com? for info. ?INFO: ??www.miamirugbykids.com? ?

          ? ??ST. PETERSBURG?AREA?RUGBY:? ?Pelican Rugby Club. Has British, South African, Aussie and American players and fans.?INFO: Call Tim Madigan cellphone [321] 501-5586? OR Dave McFAdden [813] 952-6420 and see?www.pelicanrugbyclub.com??

          ??? BOCA RATON RUGBY CLUB? has British players of ages and abilities and supporters. They seek more! Details Call British president John Devonport [561] 870-6836 or email? jdevonport@aol.com.

          ??? MIAMI?[Kendall area]?RUGBY?CLUB?? A recreational rugby club. ?Players and fans wanted. Focusing on the working professional who wants to learn the sport, get in shape after work or just have fun playing one of the world’s most popular sports.? Contact? Andres Zamora?[305] 335-9580

          ??? NAPLES?RUGBY?CLUB…seeks players, fans and supporters. [239] 910-2758

          ???? TAMPA BAY?area RUGBY.?? Krewe Rugby Football Club has British players and supporters. Call Club coach, Dai Morgan, a Welshman who knows?his rugby!? (941) 993-9850

          ????RUGBY?PALM?BEACH TOUCH RUGBY CLUB?welcomes new players, fans and supporters. ?Call fellow Brit Dwight Gray on [561] 644-2718 for latest info and events.

          ?? SARASOTA Rugby Club, formed in 2010 is a multi-cultural team with players from?Australia,?New Zealand,?England,?Zimbabwee,?Tonga, the?Bahamas?and the?USA. ?Call the Sarasota Surge who play and train at the Sarasota Cricket and Rugby Club. ?Details?call Dai Morgan on [941] 993-9850 or?Adam Walker?the Aussie club treasurer on 941-350-3993 ?Website: ??www.sarasotarugbyclub.com


          flagman??+? ?YOUR UK PENSION:??ARE YOU OVER 55? ?DID YOU PAY INTO A UK COMPANY/PRIVATE PENSION??? ?Do you know whether and how you can access your lump sum and bring it over to the USA? ??For a FREE review of your UK pension contact Mark Solomons in Florida with Florin Pensions direct on [561] 793-1311 or via email ?msolomons@florinpensions.com? On Subject line put: “To Mark Solomons—UK pension query”. ? ?Include your name + city + phone + a sentence about the type of company/private pension you paid into. Mark is a longtime member of the Florida Association of British Business. ?As FABB’s UK pensions expert he has unfrozen many pensions for USA expats over the years.? ?

          ?££$$ TIP:? WANT TO SAVE WHEN TRANSFERRING over UK CURRENCY??? DON’T USE YOUR BANK! ?Use Moneycorp.??[ I use Moneycorp myself–FABB President.]?? TO FIND OUT MORE: ?? Phone Moneycorp’s Kelly Cutchin on? [863] 207-6616 at their USA HQ in Orlando to ask all your questions.? Or email your query to kelly.cutchin@moneycorp.com?The pound is shaky.? That affects all expats in Florida who still have UK dealings. To transfer your precious funds, we highly recommend you use the services of Moneycorp. ?At lower rates than any bank!? This will save you fees and grief, as we Londoners say!? What your own bank won’t do is save considerable ?exchange fees, like Moneycorp. ? NOW is an advantageous time for you to transfer any funds you have.? THE BEST WAY:?? Moneycorp, the UK company with an office in Florida and droves of satisfied Florida clients. It is the only UK currency exchange company licenced to deal in 50 states. ??Many expat Brits here have used this currency service for years and report huge savings and satisfaction.????Moneycorp’s HQ is in England.? ?Posted by the Florida Association of British Business [FABB].? Moneycorp have been trusted members since 2005. ?